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strahlungsarmes Ferienhaus
Thomas Gubler, Geologe
Ferienhausvermietung Sizilien
Urlaub am Ätna


Ferien ohne Strahlung


I have always taken a liking to Stones, Animals and Plants 

I studied geology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH in Zurich and graduated in 1987. I worked in geological offices for 27 years. My two small geological life works include: Mapsheet "Albis" and mapsheet "Hitzkirch" of the Swiss Geological Atlas 1:25'000 mapped including corresponding explanations.

The word "Sicily" has always evoked a sense of 'Promise'. 

In December 1991 I visited the Etna for the first time and fell in love with a four-hectare feral piece of land with old vine-growing terraces and a delapidated wine press building. For 25 years I spent my holidays cultivating the land and renovating the wine-press building. Then in 2017 I finally moved with my three Sicilian street dogs and two cats from the Swiss mountains to Sicily on Mount Etna. 

My passion are my twenty hectares of land, my olive trees and my olive oil, my oaks and chestnuts, the dry-stone walls, the old wine-press buildings, the restoration of a piece of old cultural landscape. And the porcupines.

My nine dogs and three cats carry me and teach me life. More about this under 'dog-friendly'.


And for those readers who want to dig a little deeper into my "about", read on here .....

Und wer als Leser noch etwas tiefer in meinem „About“ schürfen möchte, liest hier weiter .....

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