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A Heart for Animals - Dog Adoptions

Guests with dog(s) are welcome

Guests with dogs are welcome in my house. Out of consideration for all my guests, dogs are not allowed in the house. The dogs are allowed to stay in the large front garden or in the directly adjacent 400m2 large, escape-proof and fenced area. This part of the garden is at the sole disposal of your four-legged friends. In the shade of olive trees and in an earth-cool concrete shelter, even the summer heat can be easily endured. Between the olive trees, two 4 m2 wooden boxes protect your dog from wind and weather. Would you rather leave your dog "at home" during an excursion? I will gladly take care of your darling.

My dogs and my cats

Over the years, ten dogs have found their way from the streets to me. Each time, there is a large portion of coincidence and luck involved - for both sides. Three of them got to know the Swiss mountains and paid their municipal dog taxes properly before they returned to Sicily with me two years ago. My dogs and with them my Glarus foundling tomcat Tigitigi as well as the two stray tomcats Pedro and Ernesto form my family. They accompany and enrich my life. And last but not least, they teach me about life. In the morning, after feeding them at my house, I take the dogs to a large, beautiful area that has been set up especially for them. At the end of the day, we go for a long run in the hills behind the village and then return to the village for the evening feeding and the night.

Donations and sponsorships

I also do animal welfare work in my village; be it that I repeatedly support a local animal welfare organisation logistically or financially, be it that I also repeatedly take in "dog emergencies" until an adoption is found.

Donations and sponsorships are therefore very welcome. I have just gone over the books: The living expenses of my rescued charges alone cost 7,400 € (8,140 CHF) per year. The construction and setting up of the dog enclosures cost 20,000 € without the purchase of land.

You would also like to help animals in need?

I am very happy to have you by my side as a supporter of this heart project.

Please contact me by email or use the contact form on the homepage.


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